04/25/2020: Tutoring Service Offered
Need help with technology? We are now offering help, your own personal tutor.

09/26/2019: Nana Suzanna's
Nana Suzanna is now selling her BBQ sauce online..

10/10/2018: Jennifer Jordan Site Upgrade
Artist Jennifer Jordan upgrader her site.

04/02/2018: The Happy Daily News Lightsail Release
The happy daily news migration to amazon cloud.

02/16/2018: Urbannines Android Release
Urbannines mobile app released via google app store.

12/29/2017: Urbannines Mobile App Release
Urbannines mobile app released via amazon.

11/16/2017: sessionsIsurf Alexa Integration
Delivering surf analytics through AWS's Alexa.

09/09/2017: Ad Space Framework
We created and released our own ad framework for clients.

07/07/2017: Ban Airbnb
Ban Airbnb released.

05/05/2017: The Happy Daily News
The Happy Daily News released.

02/02/2017: VoterCapital CBR
VoterCapital Click Based UI released.

08/24/2016: Urbannines Site Redesign
Urbannines site redesigned.

07/04/2016: VoterCapital Beta Released
VoterCapital Beta site was released for user testing.

06/06/2016: sessionsIsurf Predictive Analytics Released
Machine learning model was released to predict surf conditions.

12/12/2015: "VB" Dating App Prototype
Prototype completed.

09/24/2015: Climate Donor Prototype
Climate Donor Prototype released.

05/21/2015: FIFO Retail Beta Released
FIFO Retail Beta was released for user testing.

07/17/2014: sessionsIsurf V2.0
sessionsIsurf version 2.0 released.


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