2020: Personal Tutor
Get a personal tutor for all your technology needs.

2018: Bruce Lee
Slider Page with black and whites.

2018: Random User Api
REST Api to generate random users for data testing.

2018: Jnfr Mailer
Campaign mailer application.

2017: Brian Alexa Skills
Custom alexa skills for surf application.

2017: Shawn BitCoin
BitCoin trading platform.

2017: JT Event registration
Event registration application for runners.

2016: Rachelle Lab Tracker
Lab Tracker work flow application.

2016: Votercapital
Crowd fundraising platforms for US voters.

2016: Adam Dating App
Mobile dating application.

2015: Climate Donor
Crowd fundraising platforms for enviromental non-profits.

2015: VB Dating Application
Online dating platform.

2015: FIFO Retail
MFG, POS, SALES, and Inventory platform.

2014: sessionsIsurf
Surf forecasting platform.


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